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Mystery Sublimation Transfer Sheets

Mystery Sublimation Transfer Sheets

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Hello and thank you for checking out our sublimation transfer sheets. These are ready to press and we have many to choose from. If you do not see something you like you can choose to have one customized for you just check out our "Custom Sublimation Transfer".

All of our Sublimation Transfers are printed 24cm by 20.35cm fitting most 20oz stainless steel tumblers, 20oz hookah tumblers, and 25oz glass/frosted glass tumblers. If you have to trim the transfer please keep in mind you can always cut more off but you cannot put it back together so be sure to TAKE A LITTLE OFF AT A TIME WHILE TRIMMING. 

You will need a way to heat your tumbler. If you do not have a press already we also sell an All In One Cup Press it fits anywhere from 8oz baby bottles to 30oz tumblers without having to purchase extra attachments, NO ATTACHMENTS NEEDED. Check it out! 

Recommended time and temperature for stainless steel drinkware in a connection oven: 400 Degrees Fahrenheit  for 5 minutes. 

Recommended time and temperature for stainless steel drinkware in a heat press: 350 Degrees Fahrenheit for 60 seconds and then rotate 180 Degrees and press again for 30 seconds. 


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