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2022 Tumbler Drive

2022 Tumbler Drive

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MacKrafts LLC 2022 20oz tumbler drive. 

NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT! So what is it? With this purchase will give you access to ALL the 20oz tumblers wrap shared within my Google drive 20oz tumbler wrap folder. It is a one time fee for unlimited access to this year’s google drive folder. There are over 300 tumbler designs in it. 

A link to the drive will be released to you at checkout. 

To find the drive you purchased follow the instructions listed below:

1.) Open Google Drive.
2.) Make sure you are signed in using the gmail on file.
3.) Click in Shared for all the shared files you have access to.
4.) Search for our file “ 2022 Tumbler Drive | MacKrafts LLC”

If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact me. You are NOT allowed to redistribute the digital file or make any alterations to it. However, you CAN sell the completed product.

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