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Distributor Access | VIP Access

Distributor Access | VIP Access

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Pay a one time fee that’ll save you so much money! Get access to my distributor / supplier. You won’t want to miss this opportunity. You can also shop my sublimation blank collection if you don’t want to pay for the distributor access, however if you are looking for GREAT DEALS this is the way to go. My distributor also ships all orders with FREE SHIPPING within the USA with ready to ship 3-7 business day shipping. 

You will be purchasing the link to shop on that’ll unlock unbelievable prices for all your sublimation blanks. The link will be provided in a digital downloadable file instantly to you. We ask you do not share this information with your friends, but to refer them to make the purchase and get a link for them to use. Anyone giving the link out or sharing information about the distributor will have charges will be pressed against them. You agree to the policy when you make this purchase that you are not allowed to give the information about the distributor to anyone. 

Why do I charge a fee for sharing where I get my product? It has taken me many years to get where I am today. I tried MANY businesses to work with for my supplies. I have went through A LOT of losses. To give my knowledge out for “free” is undervaluing myself. I know my worth, if it was easy EVERYONE would be doing it. Trust me if I could of paid to have a distributor given to me I would of when I first started. It would of saved so much money, time, & material. 

I look forward to sharing my distributor and helping your business or hobby be able to expand with this opportunity. You will make your money back the first purchase you make with the link. IT IS SO WORTH IT. 



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