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Let Us Create You Make A Website

Let Us Create You Make A Website

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Ready to start selling online? We can help you create your website! Our partnership with Shopify allows us to be your website designer. Our service is to build you a basic website then transfer ownership to you. There is a monthly Shopify subscription fee, but once you get ownership of your website, once it’s created, you will get your first two months subscription with Shopify for just $1 per month, then $29 a month after that. 

We design a simple website making it easy to navigate for you and your customers. We list your first 5 products for free anything after you pay hourly ahead of time for the labor. You can later make changes to the website once you have ownership. You will also be able to add products on your own, but if you need us to do it for you just pay buy the hour. Hourly rates for website making is currently at $50 an hour. 

As we are creating the website we will keep you updated and ask questions along the way to make sure it meets all your needs before we will transfer the ownership to you. Your website will be completely ready for your customers to start shopping. You will want to have a website domain picked out because this purchase included a purchase for your very own unique website domain. (Example: is my domain.)

As the website is constructed, it will be protected with a password until the transition of ownership is finished. You will also have access to this password. An email will be used as our contact method for communication. 

What is an  Add-On?

An add-on may be necessary if you need specific code entered into your website's coding. This could entail requiring a text box for customers to leave messages, a checkbox option, or the ability to upload files. Additionally, if you're selling a digital file or service, you also need to select yes for “add-on.”


So what do we need from you? (You will get an email explaining everything.)

  • You send us the photos of your products & a short description describing each product.(Unless you want a short description based off the product image, then we will come up with a short description for you.)  Please be sure to add tag words for each product. This will help categorize them.
  • List of the categories you want added to your site. 
  • Your band colors and logo
  • Your “ About Us” story if you want an About Us page. We recommend you having one. 
  • Your shops contact information (email, phone number, social media)
  • Shipping information (You can also add this later if you want to change it yourself or we can add it for you.) 
  • Store Policy & Return Policy
  • What do you want you Domain to be? 
  • A Picture for your home page. 

Once you gain access to your website, you can start making money right away. Again, you also have the capability of independently adding products to your website with included step-by-step instructions, but if you need our help pay hourly and contact us for the service. 

Turn Around Times

  • For a basic website with 5 products the turn around time is 2-12 business days. 

If you need your website quickly, let us know in the message box or by email. We do our utmost to accommodate all deadlines. 

**** Once you make a purchase you can email up to 5 products to with your order number & the name on your order. 

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